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Timely is an AI-powered time tracking software designed to automate the process of tracking time spent on various tasks, making it easier for users to manage their productivity without the need for manual input or timers. It tracks time spent in web and desktop applications automatically, providing a detailed record of activities such as document work, meetings, emails, and video calls. Users have praised Timely for its ease of use, effectiveness in tracking multiple clients and projects, and its intuitive interface that simplifies time tracking​​.

The software is accessible via web, desktop, and mobile platforms, ensuring users can track their time regardless of the device they are using. For desktop users, Timely offers Memory apps for both Mac and Windows, which record work activities to a secure private timeline. Mobile users can download Timely’s apps from the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices, allowing for seamless time tracking on the go​​​​.

For further details on Timely’s features and how it can enhance your time management and productivity, you can visit their official website or the Timely Help Center.

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