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Introducing Kwizie, your premium AI quiz game maker revolutionizing the way we consume videos.

Our goal is to empower educators, learners, and content creators worldwide by providing a platform that seamlessly makes learning from any video far more effective and enjoyable.

We believe that learning should be engaging, data-driven, and accessible to everyone wherever they are. What drives us is our deep passion for unleashing curiosity in everyone by making fun interactive experiences.

What sets Kwizie apart:
The best tool to rapidly assess learning from any kind of video content.

Data-driven Learning: Don’t settle for guesswork. Make data-driven optimizations and refine your delivery strategy with our powerful analytics dashboard.

Make Fun Quiz Games: Share a fun multiplayer quiz game for your friends, colleagues, or students.

Educational Excellence: We optimize our AI for educational excellence. To achieve this, Kwizie has developed novel algorithms that utilize a combination of the best AI models available today.

Cheaper. Easier. Faster: Say goodbye to spending hours designing fun interactive activities for video content or $$$ on services and materials.

For Everyone. Anytime. Anywhere: Kwizie is designed to be used on-the-fly anywhere you are. Powerful for rapid iterative learning in minutes.

Use Kwizie Now In Seconds at https://www.kwizie.ai/

Paid Plan starts from $7.99/m
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