Hire Mia

What is Hire Mia ?

Hire Mia is the ultimate AI-Writing Assistant. Mia helps with writing, research, brainstorming, and editing.

Try Hire Mia to explore a completely new way to scale your content output

Hire Mia includes:
– Transform Chats Into Content With Collaborative AI-Editor: Hire Mia brings together chat and an AI-Powered Text Editor to change how you create content. Bust through writer’s block in seconds. Add details or direction in chat, and Mia automatically generates a first-draft for you in your AI-powered Text Editor.

– Perfect Your Content With AI-Editing Tools: Need to revise your content? Hire Mia’s in-line editing tools can help you polish your content as you work. Update the tone, structure, length, and more with the click of a button.

-Access 500+ Marketer-Tested AI Prompts: Hire Mia features hundreds of prompts to help you generate better first-run results. Explore the prompt library with categories for content marketing, social media, email, sales, PR, and more!

-Create Multiple Assets At Once: Most marketing initiatives require multiple deliverables. HireMia.AI simultaneously creates and groups related assets together, so you can refine, revise, and improve your content in no time.

– Keep Your Data Safe & Secure: Unlike ChatGPT, we don’t use your data. Hire Mia ensures your content and chats stay private and secure within your account.

– Streamline Your Research Process with Web-Access & Link Reading: Mia is the ultimate research assistant. With web-access, Mia can do research, find strategic link recommendations, summarize content found online, and more!

– Create Better Content With Reusable Custom Prompts: Build custom prompts to quickly access key information to improve the quality of AI-generated content. Save key details including target audience, tone, brand messaging, and more to reduce the need for customizing pre-prompts every time you create a new document.

– Track All Historical Changes To Documents: Hire Mia includes effortless revision tracking. Keep track of all document changes made by you, your team, and Mia in your version history. Don’t like changes Mia makes to your content? Restore to the original version to keep iterating.



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How to install?

How to use Hire Mia ?

Users can effortlessly discover and engage leads through email, phone, and social media, utilizing advanced lead discovery, personalized messaging, and automated follow-ups.

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